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Erotic massage Amsterdam for your hotel room or home. Our beautiful ladies provide you full body-to-body massage from head to toe on your back and front in the sensual relaxing environment

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Erotic massage Amsterdam DM – Calm your mind and leave yourself in our professional masseuses hands so they can bring you to the top of relaxation.
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Our beautiful ladies provide you full body-to-body massage from head to toe on your back and front in the sensual relaxing environment. Relieve the stress and tension and then enjoy with our Amsterdam massage services. Between our great services you can order a nuru massage, tantra/tantric massage, Lingam massage, 4 hands massage, erotic massage, sensual massage or massage for couples.


We offer only outcall service to save you the trip to a massage parlor in Amsterdam.
When you book a massage by DM Amsterdam Escort service our masseuses will come prepared with sensed oil and tons of relaxation vibes. Some of our escorts are professional trained in the arts of body rubs and relaxation.

Let us know upfront what type of massage you desire so we can send you the perfect masseuse for the type of massage required.


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Erotic massage Amsterdam tantra has been a very popular mystical practice of the orient. The followers of this sect call themselves tantrics and certain beliefs that distinguish them from any other religious sect of the world. Not every day you get to hear about a sect, which believes that making love can be a successful way of reaching the almighty. Sex, often considered a taboo for the nuns and saints of several religious groups, is sort of interestingly a way , the tantrics follow to realize inner peace and utmost satisfaction. Physical pleasure isn’t what tantric sex aims at; rather it’s believed that sex can lead one to the specified spiritual destination.
Sex in the Orient
Hinduism and several other eastern beliefs state that the body is the chariot of which the almighty is the charioteer. Our soul is boarded on the chariot. Now to succeed in the almighty inside the body, to reach fulfillment of a soul one must enter the body. The man and therefore the woman’s bodies are as if two halves, which when united shall from everything. This fulfillment is what often is termed as the state of wholeness.
The basic western concept of sex may be a far degraded and vulgar definition. While it’s all about the pleasure of getting an orgasm for the westerners, physical pleasure is simply a neighborhood of the entire affair during this case. Probably this is often why tantric sex isn’t mentioned as sex but as sexual love , since it’s love, which may be the sole thanks to achieve divinity.

The concept of tantric sex is however gaining fast popularity within the west lately . There are several websites that act as an access to the goddesses of tantric sex. 

How is Tantric Sex Different 
The whole ambiance of tantric sex are some things very different. It is to be arranged for. Incense, flowers, aromatic oil, water, dimmed lights are the stuffs that are a part of arrangements to be made for tantric sex. 
The process begins with the partners engaging in a warm water bath. But before that, the massage session is held. The goddess would apply the nice and cozy aromatic oil on the male partner, and massage his body slowly. Not only his torso or back, his male hardness will also be served. Later the lady also will take the penis in her mouth to offer him a pleasure he has never thought of. 
Once the massage and bathing sessions are over, it’s time for intercourse. The male partner must remember that he can never achieve divine satisfaction through sex if he isn’t listening towards making the lady satisfied. Sex may be a mutual venture; the entire will never be complete if one-half remains discontent. Therefore, both the partners will need to make sure that the other one achieves the right kind of satisfaction from the act.


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